I'm Alain Meier.

I think that design and computer science, when used in conjunction, can make really wonderful things.

Some subjects that really drive me are digital currencies, quantified self, education, wearable computing , 3D printing and computer graphics.

Right now I live in Palo Alto and attend Stanford University.

If you feel like seeing more of my work or getting in touch, you can email me, visit my Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or GitHub. And of course, here's my bitcoin address.

Thanks for taking to time to get to know me a little bit!

Designers are at a greater risk of being surveilled by the NSA

The NSA's second amendment-infringing surveillance program has caused quite a stir over the past few weeks. Recently, I discovered something which could add more fuel to the fire. Yes, this is satire.

Building two-factor authentication into your webapp

Two-factor authentication is becoming an increasingly important part of remaining secure online. In this post, I will provide some quick links to places where you can begin implementing two-factor auth.

Traffic data after hitting the Hacker News homepage

Hitting the Hacker News homepage isn't the hardest thing in the world, but when it happens, you still feel pretty great. Here are some traffic stats after getting about 200 points on HN.

My high-DPI image replacement workflow for web apps

Updating your websites for Retina graphics can be a pain, so I've shared my workflow for updating graphics that I consider accurate and quick.

Some things beginners might not know about Sublime Text

A compilation of the most useful keyboard shortcuts and tips for Sublime Text that have improved my productivity significantly.